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An Interactive Geology Display - Directed by Ed Carswell, Co-Produced by Kananaskis Country and Banff National Park.

An interactive display designed for both Kananaskis Country and Lake Louise Information Centres.

The basement of the Banff National Park Visitor Centre was closed for a month and converted into a whacky science lab. Actor Don Enright played the lead role of Dr. Morph and Scott Mair played the accident-waiting-to-happen Dr. Kettle. The end result was a lively and creative overview of geomorhology of the Rocky Mountains (Mountain Building, Plate Tectonics, Glaciation). Research, writing by Ron Chamney, Camera: Ed Carswell & Jim Martin, Technical support – Pierce Archambault.

Don Enright (right) & Scott Mair (middle) rehearsing lines on set in Banff (1995)

Morph: “The Rocky Mountains weren’t always here. They formed gradually over millions of years. Now, if we were to zip back in time…oh, to about 550 millions years ago or so…(smoking clock spinning backward, Morph drops in water). 550 years ago Southern Alberta, like much of Canada was under water!”

Bow Valley – A Very Special Place – (22:28,  1999) Co-produced by Ed Carswell & Eric Langshaw