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Think Big - Protecting Natural Systems in the Rocky Mountains - Directed by Ed Carswell, Produced by Friends of Kananaskis Country (1997)

Produced by The Friends of Kananaskis Country

11 Sequences (2000):

• Biodiversity – an introduction 

• Ark of Biodiversity – Why is it important? 

• Extinction Events – Losing 150 species a day 

• Conservation Biology – Habitat loss (3:44)

• Design-a-Park – Are our parks working? 

• Think Big! – Protecting Ecosystems 

• Overpasses, Underpasses & Corridors 

• Playing with a Full Deck – Population & Genetics 

• Indicator Species – Each species has a role 

• Yellowstone to Yukon – Connecting Ecosystems 

• Take Action! 

Spacemen in the Rockies? Noah's Ark and Pink Flamingoes?

Our flamboyant host leads us through the challenges facing conservation biologists in the Rocky Mountains. With a mix
of science and interpretation, this video is a perfect teaching tool for junior high schools, outdoor educators and community groups.